Cache Storage in a Virtual Info Storage System

In a digital data storage program, cache storage space is used to accelerate sponsor access to an information document. Adaptive throttling is used to manage the safe-keeping subsystem, making it possible for the storage manager to delay procedures.

The electronic data storage area system contains a storage manager 31, a cache directory twenty two and a plurality of storage quantities 62. Refuge storage twenty is used to store premigrated files. When a new data data file is requested by the hold processor, it is actually copied to the selected storage space volume. During the migration of an data file to the chosen storage amount, a “cache hit” occurs.

A storage manager controls your initial premigration of data files and the subsequent immigration. It also preserves reference information for the premigrated files. These include the logical volume identifier (LVI) 44, a pointer towards the data data file and a storage volume balance 46, which can be the position within sequential what is a bolt-on acquisition media.

Hold processing systems, such as a mainframe or a personal computer, generate data and request a logical volume from your virtual data storage system. The data record is copied from cache storage 20 to the storage area volume. The migrated files are then were recalled from the storage area subsystem.

To safeguard the capacity of your cache storage area, the storage space manager carries out the following output and input operations. First of all, the storage space manager keeps track of the amount of absolutely free space. If it drops under a tolerance, it computes a accelerator. This is an adjustment of performance that is more significant than the usual cache space threshold.

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