About Us

"We proactively adapt to anticipate demand and propose the best solutions"

Dear Investors & Partners

We do not have magic formulas for an extraordinary return on investment. What we do have is the investigation, analysis, and prudent appreciation of risk. And on top of this, we have resilience.

Every day can bring a change, every day may require steering and adjusting direction.

The MeLion Team is proactively adapting, not simply complying.

In our daily work, we monitor market changes, we strive at anticipating demand, then we propose the best possible solutions in order to protect the investments of our shareholders.  

Luca Savino - President Investment Committee

Investment philosophy

  • Create Value to our Investors
  • Experienced operating partners
  • Multiple exit strategies
  • Specific focus
  • Skilled real estate experts
  • Keep things simple
  • Concentrate our capital in the best ideas
  • Downside protection
  • Investment size
  • Stay within our circle of competences