The Relationship Between Technology and Organization

Science is the study of nature, including the physical, biological, and chemical elements. The controlled method requires experimenting and observation, leading to ideas that can be tested. The controlled process can be applied to business to develop new products or processes that may enhance gains and increase competitiveness.

The partnership between technology and business has always been a controversial one, but there may be growing arrangement that scientific discipline and business can work well together. Ros Le Feuvre, SYNBIOCHEM director of surgical treatments at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology in England, says, “I think there is a growing popularity by researchers that their research may be commercialised. ”

Breakthrough discoveries, like a medicine, depend on an open exchange of knowledge and experiences from many procedures. This requires a very good institutional traditions that encourages the posting of experience science and business more than a long period.

But in a large number of fields, which includes the pharmaceutical industry, fragmentation of knowledge across customized niches makes islands of experience that prevent this the usage and limitations scientific advancement. The industry’s system of intellectual real estate, which grants firms the exclusive directly to their simple scientific understanding, also impedes this effort.

To address these issues, a number of colleges are producing interdisciplinary centers, such as the Extensive Start, to bring together faculty via biology, biochemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics, and technological innovation. These interdisciplinary centers provide an essential bridge between academic research and organization. They can support ensure that homework continues to move forward and that the logical process is somewhat more open to cooperation between sociedad and market.

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